Bostik STR360A SKF Black Adhesive

Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
BOSA77650 Bostik STR360A SKF Black Adhesive 10 oz $ 22.75

Product overview

Bostik STR360A SKF is a multipurpose SMP joint adhesive offering very good UV resistance and aging properties. The neutral, odorless formula forms elastic constructive joints suitable for panel bonding and other heavy assembly applications. High green strength immediately after application and excellent slump resistance make STR360A SKF strong and versatile enough for a many construction and bonding applications. Its 30-minute open time allows generous flexibility during the manufacturing process. This formula is solvent, isocyanate, and PVC-free, and is most commonly used in bus, caravan, and trailer construction. Its ability to adhere well to a wide variety of substrates, from unprimed metals to lacquered wood, makes STR360A SKF a smart choice for countless heavy assembly needs.