Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
AWLT0008G Awl-Prep Surface Cleaner GAL $ 63.03
AWLT0115G Awl-Prep Plus Wax/Grease Remover GAL $ 69.61
AWLT0170G Awlgrip Wipe Down Solvent GAL $ 56.02


Awlprep is a fast-evaporating, wipe down solvent used to remove oils, light grease and other surface contaminants from finish primers and finish. Use before and after the sanding of primers, fillers and finishes.

Removes latent moisture from the coating’s surface
Helps in achieving a flawless high gloss finish
Non-photochemically reactive


Surface Cleaner is used as a general-purpose cleaning fluid, ideal for wiping down substrates, finish primers and finishes before and after sanding. Apply and remove with the two-cloth method.

Suitable for a wide range of surfaces and applications
Quick and simple to use
Part of the ideal sanding process