Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
AWLT0001G Awlgrip Fast Evap Reducer Gal $ 78.69
AWLT0001Q Awlgrip Fast Evap Reducer Qt $ 26.25
AWLT0002G Fast Evap Reducer Gal $ 68.80
AWLT0003G Std Reducer for Spray Gal $ 80.90
AWLT0003Q Std Reducer for Spray Qt $ 26.97
AWLT0005Q Awlgrip Hot Weather Reducer Retarder Qt $ 41.47
AWLT0006G Epoxy Primers Gal $ 73.84
AWLT0006Q Epoxy Primers Qt $ 25.51
AWLT0016Q Awlspar Varnish Reducer Qt $ 27.49
AWLT0031G Awlgrip Slow Drying Reducer Gal $ 99.77
AWLT0031Q Awlgrip Slow Drying Reducer Qt $ 33.25
AWLT0073G Ultra-Build Reducer Gal $ 90.94
AWLT0163G Awlgrip Fast Evaporating VOC Exempt GAL $ 82.64
AWLT0167G Awlgrip Standard Evaporating VOC GAL $ 85.13
AWLT0168Q Awlgrip Hot Weather VOC Exempt QT $ 43.59

Standard reducer for use with Awlgrip finishes between 21-32°C/70-90°F.

AWLGRIP reducer can only be used with AWLGRIP Products in a spraying or Brushing application when a fast or slow drying time is desired.