Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
3MC00374 3M 6 36E Imperial Stikit Discs Bx $ 164.23

The 3M Stikit Purple Abrasive Disc 740I features durable E-weight paper and a fast cutting, long lasting abrasive for high productivity and low cycle times. Coarse grade aluminum oxide mineral abrasive is ideal for aggressive jobs like stripping paint to bare metal, shaping and sanding plastic filler and more. This abrasive disc features Stikit attachment for easy change-outs.

An Abrasive Disc That’s Truly a Cut Above

With its combination of premium materials, 3M Stikit Purple Abrasive Disc 740I is part of 3M's Purple family of discs: a high-performing auto body abrasive disc that’s ideal for jobs where reinforcements are needed. Its premium aluminum oxide abrasive and durable E-weight paper provide a consistently professional finish with lower labor and material costs. This aggressive disc is ideal for shaping plastic filler, removing paint around damaged areas, scratch refinement and stripping paint to bare metal. It is suitable for use on a variety of collision repair substrates including clear coat, fiberglass, metal, paint, plastic and putty.

The coarse grade abrasive disc sands faster to improve technician productivity and reduce labor costs while the consistent finish reduces rework.

Hard, Tough and Sharp

3M's fast cutting, long lasting abrasive saves labor costs and improves quality. Aluminum oxide is popular among collision repair professionals because of its fast cut-rate and long life. A natural mineral, it makes a tough, durable abrasive especially in combination with a thicker and heavier E-weight paper backing. Aluminum oxide is suitable for a wide variety of metalworking materials including ferrous alloys.

Heavier Backing for the Toughest Jobs

3M Stikit Purple Abrasive Disc 740I is available in coarse grades typically used in the body repair area of the body shop. These jobs often require especially tough and durable abrasive product to get the job done. This abrasive disc uses a heavier E-weight paper as the abrasive backing, adding durability and life to the product. It features Stikit attachment.

The Power of Purple

The 3M Stikit Purple Abrasive Disc 740I carries 3M's Purple designation which signifies premium performance and durability. From its hard mineral abrasive to its E-weight paper backing, the disc combines the strength, durability and long-lasting efficiency for improved throughput across your entire collision repair operation.