Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
AWL73012G Fine GAL $ 145.90
AWL73012Q Fine QT. $ 48.64
AWL73013G Coarse GAL $ 158.50
AWL73013Q Coarse QT. $ 52.76
AWL73237Q Extra-Coarse QT. $ 56.38

Griptex is a non-skid polymer bead aggregate used to coat deck and step areas with a non-slip coating. Apply by spray or mix with any Awlgrip finish.

  • Available in Fine, Coarse and Extra Coarse
  • Can be applied by spray
  • Compatible with any Awlgrip finish



To be used with AwlGrip and AwlCraft 2000 Topcoat Boat Paints to give a Non-Skid texture for deck and step areas. Anti-Slip and non-skid additives are mixed directly with topcoats, or added to a "tacky" paint surface