Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
AWL73240HG Awlcare Protective Polymer Sealer HG. $ 74.41
AWL73240P Awlcare Protective Polymer Sealer PT. $ 24.82


Awlcare is a protective polymer sealer, formulated to protect Awlgrip, Awlcraft 2000 and Awlgrip HDT from acid rain, environmental pollutants and abrasion. Leaves a non-yellowing protective coat that lasts through multiple washings.

  • Contains no abrasives and will not scratch the painted surface
  • Removes mild stains such a water spots and diesel soot
  • Increases resistance to acid rain and other environmental pollutants
AwlCare is a hand applied, non-abrasive, synthetic polymer. It will remove mild stains, water spots and diesel soot while increasing resistance to attack from acid rain and other pollutants, when applied regularly. It contains no harsh abrasives. AwlCare leaves a non-yellowing, protective polymer coating which lasts through multiple washings. Use Awlcare to temporarily seal and restore gloss to painted surfaces dulled by age or mistreatment. To be used over Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000.
Application - Apply with a 100% cotton applicator or cloth. Do not apply Awlcare with mechanical devices, apply by hand only.

Surface Preparation - Wash surface with Awlwash wash down concentrate, rinse and wipe dry.

Mixing and reduction - Shake Awlcare well before applying.

Application Instructions - Shake well and apply with 100% cotton applicator or cloth. Awlcare may be applied in sun or shade, and can be applied to large areas before removing. Allow to dry to a haze, and wipe off with a 100% clean, cotton towel.

Note - Awlgrip recommends washing the surface one per week to prevent dirt build-up. Use Awlwash Wash Down Concentrate to minimize removal of Awlcare protective polymer sealer. Multiple coats may be needed to protect water run-off areas.

Temperature Range - Optimal surface/ambient range is 18 C/60 F to 35 C/95 F. Proper application and or cure results may be more difficult to achieve when conditions are outside this range. Do not apply paint materials to surfaces less than 3 C/5 F above dew point. Do not apply to surfaces warmer than 41 C/105 F. Ambient temp range must be 10 C/50 F to 41 C/105 F.

  • Type: Protective Polymer Sealer
  • Packaging: Pint (.473 Liters) and Half Gallon (1.872 Liters)
  • Theoretical Coverage: One pint (.473 Liters) will cover 450 Sq. Feet (41.81 Sq. Meters) with one coat. Two coats are recommended for initial application.
  • Keep container tightly closed and upright to prevent leakage.
  • Keep container closed when not in used. Keep from freezing.
  • V.O.C. of material is 230 g/l or 1.92 lbs/GAL