Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
AWLM3066P Awlgrip Cold Cure Accelerator Pt. $ 30.68




Cold Cure is an accelerator used with 545 Epoxy Primer, reducing cure and recoat times by up to 50%. Can be added up to 12.5% of catalysed volume to 545, replacing the standard reducer.


  • Ideal for speeding up cure rate in cooler temperatures
  • Tailored for use between 10°C/50°F and 24°C/75°F
  • Suitable for use with brush and roller or spray application




COLD CURE ACCELERATOR for 545 Epoxy Primer reduces cure and recoat times by as much as 50%. *** FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY ***

Use AwlGrip M3066 accelerator when using Awlgrip 545 Epoxy Primer to speed up cure rate in cooler temperatures.

Mixing and Reduction - AwlGrip Cold Cure Accelerator can be added up to 12.5% of the mixed 545 base and converter.

Application Instructions - Mix by volume 545 Primer base with 1 part D3001 converter. Thoroughly mix the primer and allow the mixture to induct for 15 minutes. Remix after induction. Add Cold Cure to a max quantity of 12.5% by volume. Total mix by volume is 1:1:1/4.

Reduction for Spray Application: Use T0006 reducer for additional reduction. 545 Primer is normally redued 25% by volume. If the maximum quantity of Cold Cure is used, 1/4 part of T0006 isd added to reach 25% reduction. Total mix by volume is: 1 part 545 base, 1 part D3001: 1/4 part M3066: 1/4 part T0006.

Reduction for Brush Application: Additional reduction may not be needed after the addition of Cold Cure. If additional reduction is needed, use T0031 brushing reducer. The combined total of the M3066 and T0031 should not exceed 20% of the mixed base and converter.

Cold Cure Accelerator for 545 Primer reduces cure and recoat times for 545 Primer by up to 50%. Add up to 12.5% of catalyzed volume of 545 Primer, replacing that amount of standard reducer. Use between 50 F - 75 F.

  • Type: Accelerator for 545 Primer
  • Packaging: 1 pint cans
  • Recoatability: at 77°F/50% R.H Spray: 3 to 4 hours.
  • Brush Roll: 8 - 12 hours. Maximum recommended amount of COLD CURE added.
  • VOC: 761 g/lt or 6.3 lbs/gal