Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
AWLD3018G Awlgrip Converter for D8008 GAL $ 179.24
AWLD8008G Ultra-Build White Base GAL $ 210.95



Ultra Build Epoxy Primer is a two-component epoxy primer sealer used where high build and filling is required above the waterline. Combines excellent build capacity and resistance to print-through.


  • Excellent sag resistance
  • Resists damage from glass fibre and sand scratches
  • High film build capability



Apply via conventional or airless spray. Pressure feed equipment is required.

This product should only be applied over other properly prepared Awlgrip Primers.

Mixing and Reduction - Mix by volume one part D8008 with one part D3018 to a smooth homogenous mixture. Reduce 5%-25%with T0073 for conventional spray, but airless spray requires no reduction.

Application Instructions - Apply in smooth, even coats, allow one hour between coats at 77 F/50% RH.

Note: Do not apply more than 2 coats without allowing to cure hard, 12 to 24 hours. Do not apply paint materials to surfaces warmer than 105 F or colder than 55 F.

  • Type: Epoxy Polyamide
  • Packaging: Available in 1 gallon and 1 quart containers
  • Theoretical Coverage: Sq. Feet/Gallon 946 Sq. Feet at one mil dry
  • 47-63 Sq. Feet at recommended dry film thickness
  • Calculated for mixed base and converter reduced 10%.
  • Coverage calculations are based on theoretical transfer efficiency of 100%.
  • ctual coverage rate obtained will vary according to equipment choice, application techniques, part size, and application environment.
  • Recommended Wet Film Thickness: 25-30 mils (625-750 microns)
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 15-20 mils (375-500 microns)
  • Recoatability: May be overcoated with 545 Primer, HIGH BUILD Primer, SPRAYABLE FAIRING Compound, AWL-FAIR® L.W., and AWL-QUIK®.
  • Minimum with itself, 1 hour; other products, 12 hours. Maximum without sanding 24 hours. Sanding before overcoating with other products is recommended.
  • VOC: Base D8008 496 g/lt or 4.1 lbs/gallon
  • Induction time after mixing: 15 minutes
  • Pot Life is 8 hours at 77 F/50% relative humidity