Alexseal Premium Polymer Sealer

Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
ALXA50101.25G Alexseal Premium Polymer Sealer 1.25G $ 160.40
ALXA5010P Alexseal Premium Polymer Sealer Pint $ 22.75

Product Details

ALEXSEAL® Premium Polymer Sealer is used in combination with ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501, Metallic Base Coat / Clear Coat System and ALEXSEAL® HS Clear Coat to achieve a new radiant shine and eliminate weather-related graying.

It is recommended to apply ALEXSEAL® Premium Polymer Sealer every 3 to 4 months.

Viscous white liquid


Professional Care for Your Yacht

ALEXSEAL® Premium Polymer Sealer is a non-abrasive synthetic sealer designed for cleaning and protecting surfaces painted with polyurethane. It is formulated with UV absorbers that will protect the paint from exposure to the sun and improve the coatings’ life expectancy.

ALEXSEAL® Premium Polymer Sealer will remove mild stains and water spots from the surface and leave behind a protective polymer coating which will seal the surface from the harsh elements of the marine environment.