Alexseal Blending Solvent

Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
ALXA5033Q Alexseal Blending Solvent QT $ 35.91

Product Details

ALEXSEAL® Blending Solvent will be used during the last steps of the repair. For the application of the last topcoat layer please add 50% of Blending Solvent to the ready mixed topcoat material and spray it on the outer blending area. The last step of the repair process is to apply the Blending Solvent directly on the outer repair area. Therefore fill the product straight into your clean spray gun and spray a thin coat to the outer blending area (overspray area).


Smooth Repairability

Alexseal® Blending Solvent is a product for Topcoat repairs. It is a solvent to be applied directly to the repair area or to be added to the ready mixed topcoat. The old coating will be softened which will help to connect the new coating with the old one. It will link both layers to get a smoother blending and a seamless repair.