Bostik 940A FS White Adhesive Fast Set

Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
BOS30850184 Bostik 940A FS White Adhesive Fast Set 13.5 Oz $ 24.37
BOSA63810 Bostik 940A FS White Adhesive Fast Set EA $ 17.84

Product overview

High performance, Bostik Marine 940A Fast Set is a rapidly, moisture-curing; fast-skinning; one-component; hybrid polymer adhesive/sealant based upon Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP). 940A FS is specifically formulated to withstand harsh marine environments. It possesses UV resistance (non-yellowing); is sandable and paintable. It exhibits superior adhesion to porous and nonporous surfaces in most applications without the use of a primer, a feature not typically found in a traditional adhesive/sealant. 940A FS does not in-gas and has outstanding high and low temperature resistance. It is solventless and isocyanate free resulting in a product that is both environmentally and user friendly.

940A FS is recommended for use in bonding and sealing applications, particularly where permanent elastic bonding between surfaces is required. It can be used above and below the waterline. Its outstanding adhesion and UV resistance properties target this product for sealing deck hardware, through-hull fittings, rub-rails and portholes applications. 940A FS combines the adhesion/mechanical properties of a urethane, plus the flexibility and UV resistance of a silicone. 940A FS provides optimum bonding of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, EPDM rubber or PVC, typically without use of a primer. It maintains elasticity within temperature range of -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C).