Prop One Kit

Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
PGC2044 Prop One 1 Litre Kit** 1 Ltr Kit $ 346.75
PGC2046 Prop One 500 ml Kit** 500 ml Kit $ 243.88

**Kit does NOT include Prop Wash** - Prop Wash Sold Separately 

Keep your props cleaner for longer.

Make the switch to PropOne. The No.1 foul release coating for propellers and running gear.

Since 2012 PropOne has built a loyal, growing following. One boat at a time. PropOne is now applied to thousands of boats globally every year, with a proven track record of over 10+ years.


PropOne™ is a non-biocidal foul release coating which prevents sealife adhering to it. It has been developed to ensure increased vessel performance due to its slick nature and excellent corrosion protection.


Benefits of PropOne™


Increased speed and lower fuel consumption, compared to a craft with fouled surfaces.


Keeps working for 1-2 years in-water.


Non-stick coating that marine life struggles to adhere to.


Latest generation non-biocide foul release coating.


Fully trained and licensed applicator program combined with prompt technical support.


Corrosion protection for ferrous & non-ferrous metals.


Suitable for bronze, stainless steel, aluminium alloys.





Estimated Coverage Guide:
Propeller Size and Number of Blades

    18″- 24″ 24″- 36″ 36″- 48″
    Three or four blades Four or five blades Five blades
Running gear components to be painted One propeller 250mL Kit 500mL Kit 500mL Kit
Two propellers 250mL Kit 500mL Kit 1 Litre Kit
Two propellers, two rudders
two propeller shaft struts
500mL Kit 500mL Kit 1 Litre Kit
Two propellers, two rudders, two propeller shaft struts & two trim tabs 500mL Kit 1 Litre Kit 1 Litre Kit