Bostik 70-03A Black Adhesive

Part No Description Unit Price Quantity
BOSA61019 Bostik 70-03A Black Adhesive 10 oz $ 16.60

Product overview

Bostik 70-03A is a high-quality SMP adhesive and sealant often used for sunroof assemblies, composite assembly, and general bonding and sealing projects. This product can remain permanently elastic within temperatures from -40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and is solvent-, isocyanate-, and PVC-free. It is paint compatible with most industrial paint and lacquer systems, including both alkyd resin and dispersion-based paints, and is paintable after skin forming (wet-on-wet) without influencing the cure rate. A low residual tack, durable performance, and primerless adhesion make application simple on many substrates.